Brian C. Tiburzi

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
City College of New York
City University of New York
160 Convent Avenue
Marshak Science Building, Room 309A
New York, NY 10031 USA
TEL: (212) 650-5586
FAX: (212) 650-6940
CCNY email


Research Summary:

Professor Tiburzi's work is focused in the areas of theoretical nuclear and particle physics, and lattice gauge theory. He seeks to understand features of the strong force: the force that binds quarks and gluons into protons and neutrons, and that ultimately gives rise to the nuclear interaction. His main quantitative tools are effective quantum field theories (chiral perturbation theory, heavy quark effective theory), and numerical field theory simulations using lattice gauge theory. Current interests include aspects of chiral symmetry breaking, and computations of the electroweak interactions of the nucleon and light nuclei.



Work with the NPLQCD Collaboration highlighted:

1). Phys.Org article Pinpointing the magnetic moments of nuclear matter
2). Physics: News and Commentary Strong force calculations for weak force reactions.


Current Researchers:

Students: Anastasia Spiridonova, Jason Yu, Amol Deshmukh

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Dr. Johannes Kirscher


Terraced vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva, Lavaux Region, Switzerland.



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