The Soul of All Scenery: A History of the Sky in Art

Here is the book I have written on a history of how artists have painted the sky. The approach is to compare paintings with photographs and explain the meteorological content such as the form clouds take, or the cause of various optical phenomena such as rainbows, halos and sky colors. I began the book in 1979 during the sabbatical year at Tel Aviv University shortly after I had finished my textbook, The Science and Wonders of the Atmosphere, which contained a short section on how artists had painted the sky. I have failed at all attempts to get The Sky in Art published, but now we have the WEB. You decide if you like it.
Over the years I have revised it several times but the text is little changed from the last major revision, done in 1993. In 2003 I transformed it to WORD, included photos and diagrams, and made a few more revisions such as the material on Noah's Flood, and the section on Edward Hopper. All the mistakes are mine but so is much of the good stuff.

The material is divided by chapters with a Preface and Table of Contents


CHAPTER  1        Before the Sky: The Epic Vacuum
CHAPTER  2        The Sky Appears
CHAPTER  3        The Eternal Sky: The Meaning Beyond
CHAPTER  4        The Ebb and Flow of Nature's Wind: Asian Sky Painting
CHAPTER  5        Cloud Forms and a Crystalline Sky: Back to Earth
CHAPTER  6        The Substance of Air: Hidden Meanings and Power
CHAPTER  7        A Measured World of Light and Motion
CHAPTER  8        The Sky in Captivity
CHAPTER  9        The Crowning of Nature
CHAPTER 10        Beyond Nature 
CHAPTER 11        The Irrepressible Sky