Included here are a number of programs that animate or illustrate principles and phenomena in meteorology and geology. Since qb45 and vb are not provided by Microsoft, I have included both the code for the programs and the executable files that allow anyone to run the programs.


1. The codes for all qb45 programs have the extension, *.bas
2. The codes for all vb   programs have the extension, *.txt
3. All executable files are given the extension, .abc.
4. Upload the desired file
5. Rename the executable name by changing the extension from .abc to .exe
6. Run the executable program by typing its name.
7. If the vb programs do not run, upload the file vbrun300.dll
   and put it in the c:\windows\system directory.
WARNING 1. Documentation for most programs is minimal
WARNING 2. Many programs were written for slow computers. They may run too fast
WARNING 3. Screen Resolution may have to be changed to fit programs 

VBRUN      File needed to run VB executables
SKYCOLOR   Simulation of sky colors as the sun sets
                                SKYCOLOR source code 
HALO       Simulation of most ice crystal halos
                                HALO source code
RAINBOW    Simulation of the primary and secondary rainbows
                                RAINBOW source code
SUNPATHS   Animation of the sun's path across the sky for any day and latitude
                                SUNPATHS source code
SEASONS    Animation of the sun's declination over the seasons
                                SEASONS source code
KEPLER     Animation of Kepler's laws of the orbits of the planets
                                KEPLER source code
PISTON     Animation of moving gas molecules striking a piston
                                PISTON source code
PLANETS    Illustration of the relative size of the planets
                                PLANETS source code
IMPACT     Animation of the growth of a planet due to accretion
                                IMPACT source code
RBOWBEAM   Illustrating the paths of light beams through raindrops
                                RBOWBEAM source code
HALOBEAM   Illustrating the paths of light beams through ice crystals
                                HALOBEAM source code
TRW         Animation of a simple thunderstorm with chaotic rain gushes
                                TRW source code
COALESCE   Animation of the growth of raindrops by coalescence
                                COALESCE source code
LOWBELTS   Animation of air motions in various conveyer belts around lows
                                LOWBELTS source code
SOLARSYS   Display of the relative size and location of planets
                                SOLARSYS source code
PISTON   Animation of air motions in various conveyer belts around lows
                                PISTON source code
CORIOLIS   Animation of the coriolis effect from space and earth
                                CORIOLIS source code
BUTRFLY   Animation of Lorenz's Butterfly effect
                                BUTRFLY source code
CONDUCT   Animation of diurnal temperature changes in the ground 
                                CONDUCT source code
PHOTCHEM   Animation of impact of different waves on molecules
                                PHOTCHEM source code
SKEWT   Animation of parcel changes in a skew-T diagram
                                SKEWT source code
CIRRUS2   Animation of cirrus cloud formation by falling ice crystals
                                CIRRUS2 source code

more to come


lowtraj  Data file needed to run lowbelts
map2.dat Data map file needed to run lowbelts