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Welcome to the Virtual Algebra Center, the home of the World Wide Algebra project. This international megaproject has several principal parts, according to the menu on the left.
   We are grateful to the Department of Mathematics of the City College of CUNY and the Department of Computer Science of the CUNY Graduate Center for their moral and logistical support. We are also indebted to Dmitry Bormotov who has designed most of this site.

   Most of the material on this site has been selected or reviewed (or both) by members of our Scientific Committee, which currently includes:
M. Anshel (CCNY), A. van den Essen (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), Yu. Gurevich (Microsoft), A. G. Myasnikov (McGill), P. Russell (McGill), V. Remeslennikov (Omsk, Russia), V. Shpilrain (CCNY), E. Zelmanov (UCSD).


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