Math 375 (Probability Theory), Spring 2018

Lectures: Tu, Th   2:00 - 3:40,  room NAC  5/108  

Lecturer: Vladimir Shpilrain  Office: NAC 4118b  Phone: (212) 650-5158
e-mail:   web page:

Office hours: Tu, Th 1:00-2:00 or by appointment

Homework: Homework problems will be distributed in class once a week.
Homework will NOT be graded, but similar problems will be included in tests.

Textbook: S. Ross, A first course in probability, 9th edition, 2014.

Material to be covered: Chapters 1--8.

Approximate grading weights:

3 exams: 30 % each
Quiz: 10 %

There will be no early or make-up exams.