Richard N. Steinberg
Professor of Physics and Secondary Education
City College of New York
Physics Education Activities

Sample Activities

"The New York City-wide Middle School Science Professional Development Project," New York City Department of Education in collaboration with City College of New York (CCNY project director: R.N. Steinberg), New York State Department of Education, Mathematics and Science Partnership Grants, (2014-2016).

"A collaborative teacher professional development project to improve middle school science education in New York City", R.N. Steinberg, I. Salame, and G. Borman, New York State Department of Education, Teachers Leader Quality Partnership, TLQP- 0247-13-0002 (2012-2015).

"The Phase I Robert Noyce Scholarship Program at CCNY: Expanding the Teacher Academy Program for STEM Education in Urban Schools", D. Stylianou, Y. Wyner, I. Salame, and R.N. Steinberg, National Science Foundation, DUE-1245037 (2012-2017).

"CLUSTER: Investigating a new model partnership for teacher preparation,"
R.N. Steinberg, F. Raia, B. Flugman, B. Schroder, and P. Gupta, National Science Foundation, ESI-055269 (2006-2012).

Full time High School science teacher (while on sabbatical), Harlem, New York City (2007-2008).

"Physics education research-based reform at a multicultural institution,"
R.N. Steinberg, National Science Foundation, DUE-0310799 (2003-2006).

"Redefining the teaching of applied quantum physics through the dissemination of a proven reform,"
R.N. Steinberg and M.C, Wittmann, Department of Education FIPSE grant P116B000300 (2000-2004).

Physics Education Research Conference 2000: Teacher Education University of Guelph,
Planning committee: R.N. Steinberg (chair), Robert Beichner, Constantinos P. Constantinou, David Hammer, Seth Rosenberg August 2-3, 2000

"Understanding science: The influence of computers in college physics classes,"
R.N. Steinberg, National Academy of Education Postdoctoral Spencer Fellowship (1998-2000).

"Physics Outreach Program"

Sample Publications

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