MATH 34600-M, Elements of Linear Algebra

Instructor and Course Information:

Instructor: Sergiy Merenkov
Office: NAC 6/280

Time: TuTh: 11:00AM-12:15PM
Room: NAC 5/109

Office Hours: by appointment

Textbook: Elementary Linear Algebra, Author: Howard Anton, Publisher: Wiley, Edition: 11, Year Published: 2014

Course Description and Syllabus

Midterm 1: Tu 10/03, in class, 25%
Covers: systems of linear equations, inverse matrices, elementary matrices, diagonal matrices, triangular matrices, symmetric matrices, LU-decomposition.

Midterm 2: Tu 11/07, in class, 25%
Covers: determinants, adjoint matrix, general vector spaces, vector subspaces, span, linear independence, basis and dimension. Some proofs may be required.

Final Exam: Th 12/14, 10:30AM-12:45PM, in classroom, 40%
Covers: everything covered by Midterms 1 and 2, and, in addition, change of basis, row space, column space, null space, orthogonal complement, eigenvalue problem, diagonalization, linear transformations, range, kernel, rank, nullity, isomorphisms.

Homework: 10%


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