MATH 20900 - PR Elements of Calculus and Statistics

Instructor and Course Information:

Instructor: Sergiy Merenkov
Office: NAC 6/280

Time: TuTh 2:00PM-3:40PM
Room: NAC 5/109

Office Hours: by appointment

Textbook: Mathematical Methods for the Life Sciences, by E. Grossman. Available in the Math Office NAC 8/133 for $5 (cash).

Course Description and Syllabus

Midterm 1: Tu, 03/06, 25%
Covers Chapters 1-6.

Midterm 2: Th, 04/12, 25%
Covers Chapters 7-9.

Final Exam: Th, May 24, 3:30PM-5:45PM, 40%
Covers TBA
Final Exam Location: SH 304

CALCULATOR POLICY: basic scientific calculators are allowed in class and on all exams, including the Final Exam. Graphing calculators are NOT allowed on exams. Roughly speaking, the difference between the two types of calculators is that basic scientific calculators have small (narrow) screens, and graphing calculators have large (wide) screens. More precisely, basic scientific calculators can perform operations beyond addition/subtraction and multiplication/division, such as exponents, logarithms, and trig functions, whereas graphing calculators in addition allow one to type in a function, and will then show a graph of it.

Homework: weekly, 10%


Please see assigned sets in WebWork (below). Also please complete and turn in (in class, on paper) the following Excel assignments:
1. (due 02/08) tutorial, completed.
2. (due 02/15) Ch.3, p.46, #16.
3. (due 03/01) Ch.6, p.107, #14.
4. (due 03/27) Ch.7, p.137, #24.
5. (due 03/29) Ch.8, p.152, #10.

WebWork (WebWork Info)