Mr. Cesaire's Earth Science Regents Review



The Earth Science Regents will take place on June 19th 2015 at 9:15 am. The test will consists of Part A and B-1, 50 multiple choice questions. Parts B-2 and C which consists of short answer questions. And part D is the performance test or lab practical. This site will have resources to help you prepare for the Earth Science Regents.

Lab Practical- Maximum 16 pts


 Part 2







The Earth Science Performance Test or Lab Practical - 16 points

1. Identifying one mineral and two rocks

2. Locating the epicenter of an earthquake

3. Solving for the eccentricity of an ellipse.

Some of the videos belwo Earth Science Videos Courtesy of Hommocks Middle School







Earth Science Regents Review Materials

Review Videos




117 Ways to pass the Earth Science Regents

Regents Review Live 2009




When do I use the reference tables?

Using the Earth Science Reference Tables (.doc)

Hommocks Middle School Earth Science Review Videos- Review includes the Earth Science Reference Tables (Youtube) Fall Review Notes- Essential Earth Science Facts (.doc) Mr. Cesaire's Earth Science School Tube Page (Videos) Learn Earth Science-Practice Regents Questions Online 50, 25, 10 questions



Regents Review Live 2011


Class Notes - 5-17-14( To Be Updated)

Density Percent Deviation Earthquakes/ Plate Tectonics Running Water
Topography Latitude -Longitude Dynamic Earth Stream Erosion
Solar Time Elements Weathering Glaciers
Polaris Minerals Factors of Weathering Landscapes
Profiling Rocks End Products of Weathering NY Landscape and Geology
Earth History Radioactive Decay pt 2 Insolation Weather Station Model
Index Fossils Weather (Fixed) The Atmosphere-Moisture Heat Energy
Radioactive Decay pt 1 Weather Variables The Atmosphere  Factors of Climate
Astronomy Astronomy "Loose Ends" Hurricanes


Saturday Academy Schedule:Spring 2014

*Scheduled Dates - Topics:

  • March 22nd- Latitude-Longitude, Polaris, Lab Practical Review- Rocks
  • March 29th- Contour Lines, Profile, Gradient, Lab Practical Review- Epicenter
  • April 5th- Rocks and Minerals, reference tables, Lab Practical Review- minerals, rocks
  • April 26th- Plate Tectonics, p and s waves, reference tables - Lab Practical Review
  • May 3rd - Earth History, reference tables
  • May 10th- Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition - ( Stream and Glaciers)
  • May 17th - Half Life, Water Cycle, Porosity
  • May 31st Weather, Climate, reference tables
  • June 7th- Astronomy
  • TBD- Grand Review

* Subject to change

Period 9: Office Hours 2:47-3:30 pm

  • Thursdays - 2:47 - 4:30 pm**


** Or after 4:30 pm