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1. Installation

1.1. What is in the MCCE program package?

MCCE2.0 includes "mcce" main program, Poisson-Boltzmann equation solver "DelPhi" developed in Barry Honig's Lab (You need to get separate license from Barry Honig's Lab http://honiglab.cpmc.columbia.edu/delphi), MCCE tools, and parameter directories.

1.2. Installation

MCCE main program and web interfaced viewer are two separate packages.

1.2.1. MCCE main program

After you get file "mcce2.0_linux.tar.gz", run

tar -zxvf mcce-2.0-linux.tar.gz
cd mcce-2.0

In the installation process, you will be asked questions about license issues and the desired location of the program.

The MCCE program requires library "gdbm" and "glibc2.2" or above, and the installation will detect if your system satisfies the requirement.

After a successful installation, you may want to add mcce bin directory into your environment variable $PATH.

1.2.2. MCCE web interface analysis tool

This package is web interfaced mcce analysis tool. It must be installed by super user of the computer.

After you get file "mcce-2.0_webtool_linux.tar.gz", run

tar -zxvf mcce-2.0-webtool-linux.tar.gz
cd mcce-2.0-webtool

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