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Homepage of Oliver Lorscheid

Postdoc at the City College of New York, hosted by Gautam Chinta.

InstituteThe City College of the City University of New York
AdressNAC 4/112 C
160 Convent Ave.
New York, NY 10031

Series of mini talks at CCNY on March 18



Keywords are automorphic forms, number theory, arithmetic geometry, non-archimedean geometry, L-series and zeta functions, moduli spaces of vector bundles, algebraic groups and buildings, geometry over F_1.

The title of my PhD thesis is toroidal automorphic forms over function fields. My advisor was Gunther Cornelissen.

The Diploma thesis at the University of Bonn was the generalisation of the equivalence of compactness and completeness for complex varieties from complex numbers to arbitrary locally compact fields under the guidance of Florian Pop.

Curriculum Vitae



Automorphic forms for elliptic function fields, preprint 2010 (submitted).

Graphs of Hecke operators, preprint 2010 (submitted).

Toroidal automorphic forms for function fields, preprint 2010 (submitted).

Sheaves and K-theory for F_1-schemes (with Chenghao Chu and Rekha Santhanam), preprint 2010 (submitted).

Functional equations for zeta functions of F_1-schemes, C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser. I 348, 1143-1146 (2010).

Mapping F_1-land: an overview of geometries over the field with one element (with Javier Lopez Pena), preprint 2009 (to appear in the Proceedings of the Nashville and Baltimore conferences on F_1).

Algebraic groups over the field with one element, preprint 2009 (submitted).

Toroidal automorphic forms, Waldspurger periods and double Dirichlet series (with Gunther Cornelissen), preprint 2009 (to appear in Proceedings of the Conference on Multiple Dirichlet Series (Edinburgh), under consideration by Birkhaeuser Verlag).

Torified varieties and their geometries over $\Bbb F_1$ (with Javier Lopez Pena), preprint 2009 (to appear in Math. Zeitschrift).

Toroidal automorphic forms for function fields, thesis 2008.

Toroidal automorphic forms for some function fields (with Gunther Cornelissen), Journal of Number Theory 129 (6), 1456-1463 (2009).

On the $K$-theory of graph $C^*$-algebras (with Gunther Cornelissen and Matilde Marcolli), Acta Appl. Math. 102 (1), 57--69 (2008).

Completeness and compactness for varieties over a local field, Arch. Math. 88 (4), 344-348 (2007).


Eigencharacters of Hecke operators over function fields.

Toroidal automorphic forms for GL(n) (with Gautam Chinta).

Adelic buildings and graphs of Hecke operators (with Robert Kremser).

Sheaf cohomology over F_1 (with Jan Willem de Jong).

Multiplicative subsets of semi-rings and blueprints.

Ramanujan graphs and F_1-geometry.

F_1-linear categories and their Hall algebras (with Matt Szczesny).


New York Joint Number Theory Seminar

Collaborative Number Theory Seminar

Columbia Algebraic Geometry Seminar

My webpage in Wuppertal (position till 2015)

My webpage in Frankfurt (from summer term 2010)