Medical Physics
(Physics 315)

Fall 2017
Tues-Thurs11:00 to 12:15
NAC 4-206

Marilyn Gunner
CDI-306 (office)

Syllabus (8/21/17)

Class material
The text is at Physics in Medicine. The chapters listed in the syllabus refer to this online text.

Mechanics of the body
The mechanics of the Body Thre are 3 powerpoint files from the web site that is our 'text'.
We will use Muscle and Forces for the basis of lecture and homework.
A similar text for Muscle Forces
Additional resouces
Examples of Static Equilbirum: Start here to remember how to set up problems
Forces and torques in muscles;
Forarm as a lever;
Physics of human body This is a very nice set of descriptions.

Anatomy of a walk How to draw someone walking breaks down the motion.

Energy balance The mechanics of the Body Chapter 2
additional resouces
Energy requirements of the body
Basal Metabolic rate
Respiratory quotient

Physics at high viscosity

Muscle Proteins (
Muscles: structure and function
Skeletal muscle-specific proteome
Muscles - skeletal muscle: structure and mechanism Powerpoints

Pressure and high altitude The mechanics of the Body Chapter 3.1

Circulation The mechanics of the Body Chapter 3.2

Nerve electrical systems The mechanics of the Body Chapter 6

Medical Imaging
Basic Physics for Medical Imaging

10% Attendance and class participation.
30% Completed homework. If homework is not completed you fail.
60% Two projects: one on biological system and one on measuring instrumentation, talk and paper.