Marilyn Gunner

Professor of Physics

Physics Department J-419 City College of New York
138th St. & Convent Ave. New York NY 10031
212-650-5557 (office phone) 212-650-6940 (fax)
212-650-6079 or 6807 (lab)
Office CDI-306 CDI-2N

Electron transfer & proton transfer reactions. Evaluating when and where electrostatic interactions are important in proteins.
• Using time-resolved optical spectroscopy to study photosynthetic reaction centers. The aim is to characterize the energy landscape (reaction barriers and thermodynamics) of electron transfer reactions that are coupled to protein and proton motions.
• Calculating pKs and electrochemical midpoints in proteins to see how a protein's form yields its function.
• Developing MCCE which combines continuum electrostatics & molecular mechanics to study coupled conformation & ionization state changes in proteins.

Recent Publications
MCCE Download MCCE executable for LINUX or Mac OSX
or use database of 35,000 calculated pKs from 500 proteins
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Phusics 422 and Physics 732 Biophysics
Physics 315 Medical Physics