Our Researchers

Dr. Stephen O'Brien

Steve O’Brien is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at City College and member of the CUNY Energy Institute. He also has appointments on the Doctoral Faculty of the CUNY Graduate Center and Grove School of Engineering Department of Chemical Engineering. Steve is an established academic researcher in nanotechnology, with expertise in inorganic materials chemistry and materials science and engineering, applied physics.





Senior Research Associate

Shuangyi Liu

Shuangyi is our resident Senior Research Associate. His interests are High dielectric constant materials and their applications; Multiferroic materials and their applications; Ferroelectric and Ferromagnetic nanomaterials and their applications.







PhD Students

Xiaohua Liu

Xiaohua received her Masters at Fairleigh Dickenson before continuing on to CUNY for her PhD. She is studying cobalt ferrites for use in thin film composites.







Wanlu Li

Wanlu is developing new types of nanocrystal oxides for use in magnetic, ferromagnetic, ferroelectric and multiferroeclectric fields








Andrew Byro

Andrew is studying ways to more efficiently form thin films for use in thin film capacitors.








Emeretus Researchers

Dr. Limin Huang

Limin Huang is a Research Scientist in the Department of Chemistry, City College New York and the CUNY Energy Institute. Limin has more than ten years of research experience in synthesis, characterization and application of nanomaterials (including nanoporous materials, nanoparticles, nanowires, carbon nanotubes and polymer nanocomposites). He has authored and co-authored 68 papers in peer reviewed American and international research journals, including Science. He has two Chinese patents granted and four US patents on nanomaterials synthesis pending.

Benedette Adewale

Benedette is a Master's student in Dr. O'Brien's lab. She is currently studying the effects of using certain dopants in the synthesis of nanoparticles.







Louis Mayerson

Our resident Undergraduate, Louis is working on his second bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. He is currently building a strong foundation in the applied sciences as it relates to clean technology.