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steps of Scandling weary photo subjects last bachelor shave

My folks with Dennis at Hobart & William Smith Colleges for their last Parents' Weekend. Dennis, K, me, Matt, Tim and Laura at camp in Vermont, and then Tim shaving in the car in Mobile.

planning deck swing those hammers

There are always projects at camp, such as this deck project a few summers ago. Here we are planning it and then later finishing it off.

Dad and Dennis golf crew

Dennis and Dad in California, and Sara, me, Dennis and Dad playing golf in Alabama. Golf seems to be the current family sport and it is a reasonable way of getting to walk around together, look in the woods for lost balls together, and so on.

Cleary sport Sean swings snowy golf

At camp, we have an interesting aquatic variation of golf, which involves trying to hit the floating dock and then snorkeling to recover the balls. I don't think it is going to catch on nationally, but we have a blast doing it. Here is Tim having a go at it, and then me. Usually there isn't someone standing on the dock, but why should that stop the fun? Matt asks: "Why should a little snow stop golf?" When the lake is frozen, it means you don't need to snorkel to find the balls, either.

Matt swims Lucy Matt swims Lucy

Matt giving our dog a bath at camp in the summertime, and a gang of brothers enjoying some wonderful wintertime conditions. With a little luck, the lake can be frozen with little enough snow to skate or bicycle on, and but enough to ski on. And if the snow isn't too deep, there is of course, frozen lake golf. White balls are not a good choice for that...

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