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Adrián Rodríguez-Contreras, Ph.D.

Adrián was born and raised in México City, México were he obtained his undergraduate degree in Biology from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, working under the guidance of Dr. Ana María López-Colomé. He received his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Cincinnati under the mentorship of Dr. Ebenezer Yamoah. Before coming to CUNY, Adrián did postdoctoral work at the UC Davis Center for Neuroscience in collaboration with Dr. William DeBello, and at the Erasmus Medische Centrum in the Netherlands with Dr. Gerard Borst. Adrián is the Principal Investigator of the Brain Development Laboratory at the City College of New York.

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212 650 8454 (LAB) | 212 650 5899 (Office) | 212 650 8585 (FAX)

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Grace Olivia Tsui

Grace Tsui was intrigued by science beginning at a young age and pursued her interests as a biology student in The Macaulay Honors College at CCNY. Even though she had her mind set on a medical career, an introductory neuroscience class brought her to Dr. Rodriguez-Contreras’ lab in 2012. Grace has had experience in immunohistochemistry and has attempted patch-clamping in-vivo and in acute slices. She is assisting in projects that serve to characterize the principal neurons of the medial nucleus of the trapezoid body with electrophysiological experiments and with tissue staining in rats and mice during development. After graduating in May 2014, Grace is currently applying to medical school, working in the lab, and volunteering as an assistant coach for CCNY’s Women’s fencing team.
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Lingyan Shi

Lingyan Shi obtained a PhD degree from Biomedical Engineering department in CCNY. She is now a research associate at Biology department and IUSL at CCNY. Her research focuses on using multiphoton deep tissue imaging with femtosecond laser pulses to understand the structural and functional interactions between neural cells and the brain vasculature, transport across the blood‐brain barrier (BBB) and BBB permeability regulation for drug delivery. Other research interests include biomedical optics, ultrasound, condensed matter light interactions, and solar energy conversion. She was an NIH mentor for undergraduate scholars from 2010 to 2013.
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Daphne Chang

Daphne Chang started working with Dr. Adrian Rodriguez-Contreras in 2011 where she started studying voltage-gated potassium channels in the auditory brainstem of neonate rodents. Currently, she is using in vivo techniques to study cell activity during postnatal development in rodents. During the summer, she goes to Taiwan and participates in a genetics lab at the National University of Taiwan under Dr. Yu-Ten Ju. Daphne plans to pursue a PhD in neurobiology focusing on sensory perception.
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Quetanya is an undergraduate majoring in Biology, with an interest in neuroscience. Her aim is to take from her experience of working in the lab and bring that to her dream of becoming a clinical researcher or a physician. Currently, her project involves tracking how the brain vasculature of developing rats change, and how they interact with astrocytes to predict permeability.
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Previous LAB Members

2013 | Shana Adise; Monika Fabijanowsky; Phillip Cloud; Reshma Babukutty; Tiffany Mak.

2012 | Ellis Shaffer; Kiran Ramnarine; Aminat Saliu.

2011 | Nazik Al-Hashimi; Mohammad Rattu; Shipra Saigal; Christine Chu; Ray Calderon; Kim Bowen; Danielle Laroque; Kamila Kudelska; Sadozai Malik; Martín Péndola; Sandy Xian.

2010 | Aaron Bisnath; Michell Chang-Qui; Kim Bowen; Omorodion Ekdopolo; Chelsea Gavilanes; Anik Islam; Vivek Kahtri; Kamila Kudelska; Sadozai Malik; Martín Péndola; Aminat Saliu; Sandy Xian.

2009 | Benedette Adewale; Michell Chang-Qui; Chelsea Gavilanes; Barbara Joseph; Sadozai Malik; Terry Ann McIntosh; Orin Abel; Sophia Noorine; Kamilah Thomas; Sandy Xian.

2008 | Olufunso Adeniran; Terry Ann McIntosh; Mita Sen; Sandy Xian.


From L to R: Mohammad Rattu, Ellis Shaffer. Adrian RC, Ray Calderon, Aminat Saliu, Kiran Ramnarine, Tiffany Mak, Aaron Bisnath, Shana Adise and Nazik Al-Hashimi.