Lab Members


Adrián Rodríguez-Contreras, Ph.D.

Adrián was born and raised in México City, México were he obtained his undergraduate degree in Biology from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, working under the guidance of Dr. Ana María López-Colomé. He received his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Cincinnati under the mentorship of Dr. Ebenezer Yamoah. Before coming to CUNY, Adrián did postdoctoral work at the UC Davis Center for Neuroscience in collaboration with Dr. William DeBello, and at the Erasmus Medische Centrum in the Netherlands with Dr. Gerard Borst. Adrián is the Principal Investigator of the Brain Development Laboratory at the City College of New York.

Phone Numbers:
+1 212 650 8454 (LAB)
+1 212 650 5899 (Office)
+1 212 650 8585 (FAX)



LAB Manager

imgShana Adise

Shana developed a love for the biological sciences after taking a biopsychology class. In 2008, she was awarded the City College Fellowship to conduct research in cognitive neuroscience. Her research was focused on understanding exogenous attention in the normal and clinical populations. Shana’s experience stems from working with children suffering from autism to diagnosing and treating patients with sleep-related respiratory disorders and resulting cardiac problems. Currently, she is researching the relationship between food taste, perception, and the stigma towards vegan food at Montclair State University under the guidance of Debra Zellner, PhD. Shana is planning to apply to an M.D./Ph.D. Program in the near future.

Phone Numbers: +1 212 650 8454 (LAB) | +1 212 650 8109 (Direct)

Graduate Students


Monika Fabijanowsky

Monika is a graduate student at Mathematics department at City College. She is interested in applying statistical methods to analyzing neural coding. MSF has received B.S in Mathematics and M.S in Computer Science from SUNY at Stony Brook. She then worked as a software engineer at IBM developing Public Key Infrastructure component of z/OS.



Phillip Cloud

Phillip went to CCNY for his undergraduate degree and received a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. He is interested in the statistics of the spiking behavior that occurs during auditory system development. He also has a strong interest in computer programming, probability theory, and is a huge Linux nerd.



Undegraduate Students

Samora Charles
Daphne Chang
Grace Tsui

High School Students

Reshma Babukutty
Tiffany Mak

Previous LAB Members

2012 | Ellis Shaffer; Kiran Ramnarine; Aminat Saliu.

2011 | Nazik Al-Hashimi; Mohammad Rattu; Shipra Saigal; Christine Chu; Ray Calderon; Kim Bowen; Danielle Laroque; Kamila Kudelska; Sadozai Malik; Martín Péndola; Sandy Xian.

2010 | Aaron Bisnath; Michell Chang-Qui; Kim Bowen; Omorodion Ekdopolo; Chelsea Gavilanes; Anik Islam; Vivek Kahtri; Kamila Kudelska; Sadozai Malik; Martín Péndola; Aminat Saliu; Sandy Xian.

2009 | Benedette Adewale; Michell Chang-Qui; Chelsea Gavilanes; Barbara Joseph; Sadozai Malik; Terry Ann McIntosh; Orin Abel; Sophia Noorine; Kamilah Thomas; Sandy Xian.

2008 |Olufunso Adeniran; Terry Ann McIntosh; Mita Sen; Sandy Xian.