Fall 2014 Math 20100: Calculus II

Instructor: Alice Medvedev
Office hours: Tuesday 12:30-1:30, Thursday 6-7pm in 6278 NAC; or by appointment.
This is mostly a repository for various documents handed out in class and other useful links.
Appropriate academic accommodations are offered to students with disabilities.

The university's policy on academic integrity.
Drop-in tutoring is available for all levels at the Math Help Desk, MR418S.
Semester calendar, grading information, et cetera.
Day-to-day structure of the course.
Course Learning outcomes.
How to set up WebAssign.
Semester calendar, grading information, et cetera.
In-class problems and take-home quizzes: Exploratory problems for sections 1.3-1.4, September 2-4 classes.
15-minute quiz for sections 1.1-1.2.
Cheating. Please don't. If you are writing down ideas somebody else told you and not mentioning this fact, you are cheating. If you are writing down words somebody told you, and you could not rewrite the solution in different words or explain it to another student in the class, you are cheating. Rules around exams are not arbitrary hurdles I place in your way. They are something like arms-control deals among the students in the course: you really don't want infinite-time open-everything take-home exams, because those require, well, infinite time and access to everything.

Letters. If you need a letter of reference of some sort, make sure to ask for it long long in advance: at least a month before any deadlines, and in any case no later than mid-November.