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Neil Collier
Former Postdoctoral Researcher
Email: ncollier[at]
2007Ph.D. in Biology (Flinders University)
2002B.S., Honours, (Flinders University)

2011Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Biology, City College of New York
2010 - 2011Senior Ecologist, Rio Tinto Australia (Energy Resource of Australia Ltd.)
2009 - 2010Research Fellow, Research Fellow, Wildlife and Landscape Science, School for Environmental Research, Charles Darwin University
2007 - 2009Research Fellow, Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge Research Hub, School for Environmental Research, Charles Darwin University
2007Research Scientist (Entomology), Department of Primary Industries, Fishers and Mines, Northern Territory Government
2003 - 2007Part-time lecturer, tutor, and lab supervisor (Marine and Terrestrial Diversity, Conservation Biology, Insect Diversity)
2003 - 2007Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry) PhD candidate, Flinders University, South Australia

Journal Papers
McMahon, C.R., Buscot, M-J., Wiggins, N.L., Collier, N., Maindonald, J., McCallum, H., Bowman, D.M.J.S. A smooth-joining model for characterizing lifetime growth in macropods. (Submitted)
Firth, R.S.C., Collier, N., Smith, J.G. (in revision) Colonization of artificial habitat by the common rock-rat Zyzomys argurus: an example of dispersal from the Top End. Australian Mammalogy.
Puig, C.J., Huchery, C., Greiner, R., Collier N., Garnett, S., Bowen, L. and Perkins, I. (in revision) Beyond cattle: modeling pastoral futures for the Northern Territory cattle industry.
Collier, N., Sandker, M., Campbell, B.M., Boedihartono, A.K., Garnett, S.T., Sayer, J. Science for action: the use of scoping models in conservation and development. Environmental Science & Policy (Accepted 1/5/2011).
Collier, N., Austin, B.J., Bradshaw, C.J.A., McMahon, C.R. 2011. Turning pests into profits: introduced buffalo provide multiple benefits to indigenous people of northern Australia. Human Ecology 39(2): doi:10.1007/s10745-010-9365-8
McMahon, C.R., Collier, N., Northfield, J.K., Glen, F. 2011. Taking time to assess the effects of devices on animals. Animal Welfare 3(2).
Collier, N., Gardner, M., Adams, M., McMahon, C.R., Benkendorff, K., Mackay, D.A. 2010. Contemporary habitat loss reduces genetic diversity in an ecologically specialized butterfly (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). Journal of Biogeography 37(7): 1277-1287.
Sandker M., Nyame S.K., Forster J., Collier N., Shepherd, G., Yeboah, D., Ezzine-de Blas, D., Machwitz, M., Vaatainen, S., Garedew, E., Etoga, G., Ehringhaus, C., Anati, J., Quarm, O.D.K., Campbell, B.M. 2010. REDD payments as incentive to reduce forest loss. Conservation Letters 3(2): 114-121.
McMahon, C.R., Brook, B.W., Collier, N., Bradshaw, C.J.A. 2010. Spatially explicit spreadsheet modelling for optimizing the efficiency of reducing invasive animal density. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 1(1): 53-68 (Feature article on the cover of inaugural issue).
Collier N., Boedhihartono A.K., and Sayer J. 2009. Indigenous livelihoods and the global environment: Understanding relationships In Anderssen, R.S., R.D. Braddock and L.T.H. Newham (eds) 18th World IMACS Congress and MODSIM09 International Congress on Modelling and Simulation. pp. 2833-2839. ISBN: 978-0-9758400-7-8.
Collier N., Mackay, D.A., Benkendorff, K. 2008. Is relative abundance a good indicator of population size? Evidence from fragmented populations of a specialist butterfly, Theclinesthes albocincta (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). Population Ecology 50: 17-23.
Collier N. 2007. Identifying potential evolutionary relationships within a facultative lycaenid-ant system: ant association, oviposition and butterfly-ant conflict. Insect Science 14, 313-322.
Collier N., Mackay D.A., Benkendorff K., Austin A.D. and Carthew S.M. 2006. Butterfly communities in South Australian urban reserves: Estimating abundance and diversity using the Pollard walk. Austral Ecology 31 (2), 282-290.

Book Chapters
Aslin, H.J., Collier, N., Garnett, S.T. (in press). Engaging community-based natural resource management groups in environmental assessment: potential in Australia’s Northern Territory? In: Aslin, H.J. and Lockie, S. Engaged Environmental Citizenship. CDU Press.
Collier, N. & Garnett, S.T. (2009). Using models for landscape planning: scale, complexity and utility In: Ainsworth, G.B and Garnett, S.T. (Editors) Rimba: Sustainable Forest Livelihoods in Malaysia and Australia. Institute for Environment and Development (Lestari), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). ISBN: 979-967-5227-30-1

Collier, N., Braby, M.F., McMahon, C.R. Evolution of the Autralian monsoon tropics: butterflies as models. Charles Darwin University Internal Research Grant. $10,000.
McMahon, C.R. and Collier, N. Predictive growth models of introduced swamp buffalo. Charles Darwin University Internal Research Grant. $10,000.
Charles Darwin University International Conference Travel Grant. $1500.
Garnett, S.T., Puig, C.J., Huchery, C., and Collier, N. Scenario planning to build innovative partnerships for the Nothern Territory cattle industry. $150,000 AUD.
Collier, N., Zander, K., Petheram, L., Concu, N. Economic assessment of adaptation to climate change at Dhimurru IPA. $10,000.
Collier, N., Garnett, S.T., Campbell, B.M., et al. Scenario planning for climate change in tropical landscapes. Natural Resource Management Board of the Northern Territory. $300,000 AUD.
Collier, N., Garnett, S.T. Campbell, B.M., et al. Integrated scenario planning across shared landscapes - a Territory-wide approach. Natural Resource Management Board of the Northern Territory. $150,000 AUD.

Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry) - awarded by the Australian Research Council (ARC): $24,000 AUD/year for 3.5 years.

Department of Biology :: City College of New York :: City University of New York
Convent Avenue at 138th Street :: New York, NY 10031 USA
Marshak Science Building 802
(212) 650-8588