Course descriptions

Bio 20600 Introduction to Genetics

A thorough introduction to the principles of genetics. Using a combined cell biological and Mendelian approach, the course covers DNA organization, chromosome structure, genes and alleles, and transmission of genetic information in normal and genetically compromised organisms. Prereq.: Bio 10100 and 10200 or equivalent. Hours/credits: 2 lectures (1 hr each) and 1 recitation session (1 hr)/wk.; 4 cr.

Bio 48300 Laboratory in Biotechnology

This course is designed to give students an introduction to modern molecular biological techniques in the context of solving biological questions. The techniques that will be taught include DNA isolation, restriction enzyme mapping, subcloning of DNA fragments into plasmids, polymerase chain reaction, protein purification, cell culture, and other techniques of gene manipulation. Emphasis will be on application of recombinant DNA technology. Prereq.: Bio 22900 and permission of instructor. Hours/credits: (W) 8 lab. hr./wk.; 5 cr.